Smart Shoppee targeted the non- traditional neighborhood as well as traditional retailers and service proving companies. Inventory management /Service billing is tedious, time consuming process that involves various variables. To overcome these problems we present Software named "Smart Shoppee".
It provides assistance in accurate inventory, up to date sales and bills tracking which is crucial in an operating & succeeding in business. Smart Shoppee smartly monitors the market trends & creates Strategic plans by keeping a close watch over the flow of goods in & out of a business. It handles the business process such as purchases and sales, inventory management, Payment & receipts, service billings, AMC, CRM etc. So one of the most important business decisions is to select the right software comprising the maximum benefits & less effort.

Smart Shoppee Software

Smart Shoppee can be a beneficial solution for these following industries.
  • Shopping Malls
  • Jewellery Shops
  • Mobile Shops
  • General Stores
  • Home D├ęcor
  • Garment showrooms
  • Medical stores
  • Complete inventory control :
    That includes the daily purchase /sales and returns, Orders, payment & receipts, real time stock, inventory register showing all openings, in/out & closing of your goods.
  • Security:
    Smart Shoppee is a fully secured application, then prevent unauthorized access of your data. It allows you to provide branch wise, department wise use rights to view only.
  • Service Billing:
    You can make the bill format according to you. It is very useful for all service providers for service billing and service tax calculation.
Upcoming Features...
  • Manufacturing process with excise
  • Accounting