“Smart Bill” is a bill invoicing software. Basically used by the professional. It is a breakthrough development for all the service providing organizations. It is designed keeping in mind the users need of billing, invoicing and service tax norms. Working on such software is blissful as well as simple and constructive. It provides assistance in the various fields such as bill and receipt vouchers can be exported totally which in return help the user in future accounting of reports. Statements and Outstanding reports can be seen any time by the user through its online panel. No technical qualification is required to operate it. So Hurry up to add authenticated and a proficient Software in the list of other softwares.


Prominent Features:
  • Company Information:
  • It lets you to maintain multiple companies with ease. And provides Auto management for service tax applicability according to last year filing or taxation limit.
  • Client Data Management:
  • It allows you to manage your client’s complete information in an efficient way and provides an online panel for them so that they can access their statements and outstanding reports from anywhere, at anytime through any web enabled services.
  • Service/Particulars Management:
  • This Module provides you easy management of all the services provided by your company. As w.e.f Date, Service Tenure, Taxable or Nontaxable Service, Multiple service charges and service tax rates management, abetment processing etc.
  • Multiple Book Series:
  • It allows you to maintain multiple series for different types of servicing with a much customized way for all type of vouchers i.e. Bill, Performa – Invoice, Quotation and Receipts. You can create number series as you want including your company name or any suffix /prefix /separator/ current year etc. For example a series can be like this // i.e. for ABHISHEK IT SERVICES Private Limited – SAG/00101/2011.
  • Invoicing:
  • Here you can maintain all the records related to service rendering, billing or quotation. You can render any service at any time for multiple years. It auto calculates all the amount and taxes as per applicability and saves your time and allows you to –
  • Pending Service list for billing and render so that you can reduce the chance of mistakes.
  • You can generate multiple receipts for a single bill or services in multiple modes.
  • Render service to your customer without billing.
  • Provide Performa – Invoice to your customer in case of Non-Billed service.
  • Direct billing of rendered services.
  • Direct billing of services from Performa Invoice
  • Here you can also maintain particular wise completion date, narration and discounts. You can print all the invoices in any manner you want with its fully customized invoicing feature and same can be emailed or export to excel. Provides you option to view last bill/Quotation details for all series on the same form at a glance. Pending Service list for billing and render so that you can reduce the chance of mistakes.
  • Bulk Billing:
  • This feature enables you to create multiple bills on a single click.
  • Bulk Printing:
  • Bulk printing allows you to print multiple bills on a single click in a short span of time.
  • Bulk Email
  • This facilitates you to email all pending dues of your customers in bulk on a single click.
  • Receipts:
  • A receipt allows you to get paid for all your bills and quotations. It Auto calculates Paid Amount, TDS and Discounts as per your receipt amount. It Maintain bill wise and non bill wise receipts and advances for quotations. Again as in invoice module you will find option to view last Receipts details for all series on the same form at a glance and options to customized your receipt format for printing. It allows you to get single payment in multiple payment modes like cash, cheque, D.D., RTGS, NEFT etc.
  • Import/Export:
  • It lets you to import your service, particulars and bill series master from one company to another, import customer from excel file or tally. You can export all your reports and invoices to excel, word or PDF document. And all your Bill And Receipt vouchers to Tally.
  • Reports:
  • Here you will get various fully customized reports with no loss of time. Some of the reports are Customer Statement of services i.e. which has been rendered and which are remaining, their outstanding, Day books for Performa Invoice , Service Render, Billing, Quotation and Receipts, Customer wise Service Register, Tax register that helps you for service tax filling.
  • Company Service Statement:
  • Here you will get a complete register of services that will tell you that for which customer what services has been rendered or billed or due.
  • Others:
  • Narration Master for the time of export voucher to tally for auto narration.
  • Back date entries Keeping serial of voucher no. as well with multiple options like sub bill no. or reorder of later bills.
  • Backup/Restore: Backup helps to keep your files safe, while file restore is useful in cases of file loss and data corruption. Therefore it ensures safety of your data.
  • Allows you to use canceled voucher no or unused voucher no for back date entry.
Additional features that your organization requires can be integrated in the software, if we feel it would be beneficial for the Industry and other clients and increases the Software Efficiency. We assure you that customization of software for such modifications would be made for you, absolutely free of charge!!!