We have developed accomplished fully efficient software “ELECTION MANAGER” which features the most comprehensive set of Political Campaign Management Software Tools on the World Wide Web. Use our campaign manager software to help you to create your campaign, win your campaign, and then manage your campaign! We offer more political campaign tools than any other competitor for a fraction of their price. We give you all the tools to show you how to run a political campaign.

Election manager is software that will be your manager during the toughest times during your election .It will manage the allotted work of your team members. As well as it will help you in maintaining the feedback of voters.

Election Manager

Following are the effortless & candid 4 steps by following which we deliver the solution for ROC –filling:-
2 kinds of login panels are provided in our software:-
  • Administrator Panel
  • Volunteer Panel
Administrator login panel
Significant features
  • Administrator can maintain complete database of voters including address, contact details, email-id, caste, sub caste, family members etc.
  • Administrator can maintain and create the list of volunteers with their details
  • Administrator can assign the voters to volunteers according to area, email id, contact number etc.
  • Administrator can create a campaign
  • Administrator can maintain the complete record of mails and messages to voters.
  • Administrator can transfer voter from one to another volunteer as per requirement.
  • The most striking feature is that administrator can see the campaign voter status by the help of a pie chart whether the voters have voted, not voted or dicey.
Volunteer login panel
Significant Features
  • By using this log in panel volunteers can maintain the number of voters in form of excel sheet.
  • Volunteers can also maintain the complete data base of voters including their address, email id, contact numbers, family members etc.
  • Volunteer can create daily reports of voters and can maintain the meeting time, date, and day with voters.
  • Our software gives volunteers to maintain the data of preference voting by voters in election
  • Our software provides you the facility of bulk mail and SMS to voters.
  • By using a tab or laptop near election booth volunteer can mark the presence of voter according to their name.
  • Volunteer can also add reference voters to the list of voters and there family details.
  • Volunteer can maintain the voting status.
  • Volunteers can maintain the face book page, twitter account and blogs for campaigning purpose by the help of our software.