Our Balance Sheet Software is perfect for those who want to save time. Trial Balance can be imported from different accounting software’s like Tally, Busy etc. and automatically Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet get prepared. 3CA/CB can be filled from here and uploaded online. All other audit forms are also available. Specimen of Fund Flow and Cash Flow Statements can avail. Annual Return of Companies can be prepared. There is a facility to calculate Depreciation as per IT Act, Companies Act & Fixed Asset Chart and registers can also be prepared.

Gen CMA/EMI Software

  • Prepares CMA data for as many years as required.
  • Facility to Calculate day to day and simple interest. It is useful for calculation of Partner Interest, OD and CC A/c Interest.
  • Calculations of MPBF as per Tondon and Nyar Committee.
  • EMI and rate of Interest calculations. present value & maturity value calculations, FDR & Panel Interest Calculation and Converter Tool for various measurement units.