Our Balance Sheet Software is perfect for those who want to save time. Trial Balance can be imported from different accounting software’s like Tally, Busy etc. and automatically Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet get prepared. 3CA/CB can be filled from here and uploaded online. All other audit forms are also available. Specimen of Fund Flow and Cash Flow Statements can avail. Annual Return of Companies can be prepared. There is a facility to calculate Depreciation as per IT Act, Companies Act & Fixed Asset Chart and registers can also be prepared.

Gen Balance Sheet Software

  • Facility to Import Data Directly from Tally 4.5 / 5.4 / 6.3 / 7.2 / 9.0, MS-Excel and many other Softwares like Busy, NAC, TATA Ex, Focus.
  • Enter Trial Balance and Get Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Trading Account, Schedules and Lists.
  • Profit & Loss and notes on accounts as per new amended Schedule VI. Auto preparation of balance sheets with and without revise schedule VI.
  • Import facility of data through trial balance from various software like Tally, Excel and ERP.
  • Tax audit report is as updated according to ass.year 2014-2015. You can import the data of tds directly in our software. Or if you not using our tds software you can import data through our( import/export) excel sheet option.
  • User can input data of two years in Balance sheet & P & L at a same time.
  • User can change the format of the items of the Notes on Accounts.
  • Facility of Horizontal & Vertical (As per Schedule VI) formats of Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account.
  • Facility to draw Trading Account in Columnar Format with Quantitative Details.
  • Preparation of Reports viz. 3CA, 3CB, 3CD with Annexures, Company Auditors Report, CARO, Notice, Director Report, Notes on Accounts. Miscellaneous Certificates.
  • User can input 2 years Trial Balance data at a time.
  • Facility to Calculate Defer Tax Liability / Assets as per AS-22.
  • Specimen of Qualification in Auditor Report, Notes on Accounts and Accounting Policies. Cash flow and Fund flow (as per AS-3)
  • Preparation of Balance Sheet Abstract.
  • Preparation of Annual Return of Companies.
  • Display of Ratios for Multiple Years with Ratio Formulas.
  • Merge different Trial Balance to single Balance Sheet.
  • Facility to Calculate Depreciation as per IT Act and Companies Act & also prepares Fixed Asset Chart and Register.