1. What is Gen- Smart Shoppee is all about?

Answer: Gen-Smart Shoppee is an ERP Solution which is highly scalable for all kind of business. Smart Shoppee helps in the productive utilization of all company resources and integrate their complete business processes such as sales, purchases, debtors/creditors accounts, all tax records like Excise, Sale Tax & Service Tax, customize billing of inventory and services, complete stock management, CRM, one time entry manufacturing process to reduce time span and complete accounting.

2. What are the basic features of Gen-Smart Shoppee?

Answer: This software provides easy checking and maintenance of:

  • Physical stock verification
  • Costs
  • Vendor accounts
  • Lead time for Reorganizing
  • Business process (Purchase/ Sales)
  • Inventory Management
  • Payments and Receipts
  • Service Billing
  • Room Booking for Hotels and Lodges.
  • Creditors / Debtors Accounts
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM)
  • And it also capable of handling following:
  • Multi Branch and Multi Department
  • Multi Currency
  • Highly Securable with module wise user access
  • Bar Code Reader Compatible
  • Customize billing with many customize bill formats
  • Integration with Tally ERP.9
  • Reorder Level Manager
  • Branch to Branch or Dept. to Dept. Stock Transfer.
  • 3. Is there any import and export facility for data in Gen-Smart Shoppee?

    Answer: Yes, the data can be exported an imported in following manner:

    Import Export
    Tally: Master data like,
    Bank, and
    Cash account
    Details can be imported from Tally to Smart Shoppee.
    All Smart Shoppee Ledgers and Vouchers can be exported: Purchase
    Debit Note (Purchase Returns)
    Credit Note (Sales Returns)
    Payment, and
    Excel: User can even Import master data like,
    Bank, and
    Card details
    From Excel to Smart Shoppee.
    All Kinds of Reports and Registers can be exported to Excel sheet.

    4. Is it compatible with Bar Code Technology?

    Answer: Yes, it is compatible with Bar Code Reader. This makes tracking of stock much easier.

    5. Can it hold multi branch and multi department information?

    Answer: Yes, Smart Shoppee is Multiple Branch and Multiple Department based system. You can maintain your various branches within a company and all departments in a branch with full security system.

    6. Can it record multicurrency transactions?

    Answer: Yes, if you have branches/customers in different countries, it will calculate transactions in their respective currency rate and will also show the exchange rate difference in reports even.

    7. Is there any inbuilt Tax calculation facility?

    Answer: Yes, taxation system allows you to manage Item wise or Service wise Tax calculation (which includes Excise, Sale Tax, Service Tax and other applicable taxes) at the time of purchase, sales or billing.

    8. How secure is the data in Gen-Smart Shoppee?


  • i) Module wise user rights: Its fully secured application that prevents unauthorized access of your data. It allows you to provide Module wise and Department wise User rights for view only, add/modify or delete rights.
  • ii) Confidential Data: One of the unique features of this product is confidential data, in this software the User can manage all the data which he doesn’t wants to disclose to others.
    Regardless of the option, your data is always password-protected from unauthorized access. Only the user having its password can have access to both on-record data and off- records data and can view a consolidated report of the same.
    You can Input your confidential data to secure from outsiders. Confidential data will be password protected, user cannot retrieve the data without the unlock code.
  • 9. Can we create Purchase Order (or) Sales Order?

    Answer: Yes, you can create when required.

    10. If this software can manage multiple payment modes against single bill?

    Answer: Yes, against a bill as payment is received in different modes like,

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Online Banking : RTGS/NEFT
  • Cheque/Demand draft
  • It can issue separate receipts for each such transactions.

    11. If required, is it possible to do any customization in this software?

    Answer: Yes, it is possible however task should be common for whole industry.