1. What is PC Spy is all about and how it is going to help Professionals and business organizations?


  • It’s advanced and latest technology software with cost effectiveness and efficient solutions that enables you to keep an eye on employee’s activities.
  • PC Spy is as good as a firewall security that monitors your PC activities and captures the video recordings while client you are working. It covers the entire detail according to authorized person setting for individual PC, then software start working without any notice to the user.
  • PC Spy Software runs completely in hidden mode and captures the chats, Web-Pages, email windows and anything else running on the monitor. This software is only viewable to the authenticated person available at LAN.
  • 2. What benefits are there in using PC spy software?

    Answer: We came across queries of several professional clients of ours who want such software through which they want to see what is going on behind them in their computers and wants to keep a track of such activities such as:

  • Threat of loss, theft, etc.of any confidential files or folder from the system and who is responsible for such act.
  • Applications used.
  • Changes made in their computer system.
  • Any file or folder deleted or changed.
  • Use of any restricted or prohibited website in office such as Twitter, facebook, orkut, etc.
  • Download of any file which may cause damage to PCs at LAN or entire network i.e. virus or any .exe files
  • Use of any Pen drive, External HDD and CD ROM for carrying any official data.
  • If you too have such issues to track on, go for this software.
  • 3. Apart from the above what else is there in this software?


  • Secretly monitors the activities at LAN PC.
  • History view of LAN PC with description.
  • Official messaging tool through voice and text.
  • File transfer facility.
  • Intimate server for attempt to use of Blocked websites, Pen Drives, External HDD and CD ROM.
  • Video Recordings (at specific event or for entire work).
  • Face detection facility for maintenance of attendance records.
  • Video conferencing.
  • Reminders
  • Hard Disc encryption-decryption with Rights to user’s PC on files and folders access.
  • 4. Can we block (or) allow any kind of website, portals, Pen Drives, External HD and CD ROM through this software?

    Answer: Businesses often monitor their employees' computers for inappropriate activity. Employer can block specific web page, email windows, social networking sites or anything in order to ensure that there is no security breach, misconduct and illegitimate transfer of the intellectual property.

    5. Can we record Video of working going on a LAN PC through this software?

    Answer: Yes, you can record videos at specific event or for entire work by simply enabling this function on server system.

    6. How this software works exactly?


  • PC Spy Software is required to be installed at one server and remaining PC connected through LAN in a office ,if authorized person at LAN select the activate button then software start working without any notice to the user.
  • PC Spy Software runs completely hidden and captures the chats, web pages, email windows and anything else shown on the monitor. This software is only viewable to the authenticated person available at server only.
  • You can also set the start- time if you wish to set it as dormant and begin capturing only at later time.
  • This software is basically applicable where the LAN server is available such as home, schools, colleges, or office computer monitoring, etc.
  • 7. What is the use of face detection facility?

    Answer: Face detection facility is given for maintenance of attendance records when a user logins at any PC.

    8. Is there any option to hide the software at LAN PC?

    Answer: Yes, there is an option to hide the software at LAN PC so that the users can not know about the software while it is monitoring their systems.

    9. Can we maintain the history of PC?

    Answer: Yes, this software keeps a History record of work done at PCs; it even monitors system startup time, send emails, windows captions and various other system and internet activities.

    10. Is there voice & Text chat facility?


  • This is excellent software equipped with advanced features; one of them is voice chat facility. Employees can easily chat with each other and sort out their problem regarding their businesses online.
  • Through chat box, one can transfer relevant document or any important file. Every computer has this facility which is connected through LAN.