1. What is Gen-XD (EXCISE) software?


  • Gen-XD is an A to Z solution for excise, especially designed for the professionals, Manufacturers & Dealers who have to file excise returns and records.
  • It’s useful for e- return filling & e-registration of multiple forms, covering each & every aspect of Excise. This software also has e-Payment option and Dealer’s invoice system.
  • 2. Does this software have Online Registration facility?

    Answer: Yes, Automatic execution of e-Registration after filling Master details is there.

  • Innovative functions that gives admirable comfort to User such as auto filling up of data in forms like,
  • A-2
  • A-3
  • Declaration forms.
  • Password Change forms.
  • 3. What are the advantages of this software?

    Answer: This software follows the rules & regulations of following:

  • Central Excise Act, 1944
  • Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985
  • National calamity contingent Duty
  • Education Cess
  • Additional duties of Excise (Goods of Importance) Act, 1957
  • Additional duties of Excise (Textiles and Textiles Articles) Act, 1978
  • The central Excise Laws (Amendment and Validation) ordinance, 2005, Thus
  • It helps to file the Returns & Forms.
  • Very User Friendly in working.
  • Nomination Declaration
  • Nomination Declaration
  • 4. How many types of registers are maintained by this software?


  • RG-1 Register (Daily Stock Register).
  • Personal Ledger Account (PLA).
  • RG23A Part I - Account of inputs.
  • RG23A Part II - Duty register for CENVAT Credit in relation to Inputs.
  • RG23C Part I - Account of capital goods.
  • RG23C Part II - Duty register for CENVAT Credit (Capital goods & Components).
  • MIS (Management Information System) of client data.
  • 5. Can the Manufactures or Dealers file their Return by this software?

    Answer: Yes, All the statutory returns i.e. ER-1 to ER-8 can be generated pre-filled and also Dealer’s Return is there.

  • Now Manufacturers can generate returns both manually and electronically from ER-1 to ER-8.
  • Facility to generate Dealer’s Return & ER-8 in single click by using SAG Excel template.
  • Facility to generate Quick XML files and auto submission to ACES website within the software.
  • Quarterly return for CENVAT Credit, A.R.E- 1, Surrenders of RC, B-2 forms manually.
  • 6. Does it have the facility to generate the Dealer’s return?

    Answer: Yes, Now Dealer’s return can be easily generated after giving the dealer’s Invoice information.

    7. Is there any facility to generate the XML file?

    Answer: Yes, ER-1 to ER-8 e-filing is available by generating and uploading XML file.

    8. Whether the Assessee can file the return electronically or manually?

    Answer: Yes, ER-1 to ER-8 is available both for e-filing as well as manually. A user can manipulate his/her data by themselves.

    9. What is meaning of Quick Generation?

    Answer: This is an auto function which directly uploads the return file on ACES website after saving it.

    10. What is the role of MIS in the Gen-XD software such as to know due date of Returns?


  • Generate Client wise detail for due date of returns filling and whether return filled or not.
  • Chart of default due date of returns is also available.
  • It manages the concerned data very effectively and efficiently.
  • Helps in organizing operational activities.
  • It holds whole MIS system (DSS, OAS, and EIS) in a comprehensive manner.
  • 11. Can I check the rates excise of duty on any product?

    Answer: Yes, All 98 chapter of Excise are included to confirm excise duty rates in our library section.

    12. Can we have the reminder for due date of returns?

    Answer: Yes, We can set reminder for the due date of returns which tells us to file it within the time.

    13. Is there any option to take Backup and Restore?

    Answer: Yes, There is an option to take Backup and Restore of complete database.