1. What is auditor software all about?

Answer: It’s an integrated tool which helps you to execute end to end audit tasks such as Planning, Allocation, Procedures, Testing, Sampling, Rectification, Documentation, and Execution and finally generating Auditor’s Reports on the basis of various analytical approaches as per accounting standards, rules, regulations, norms and benchmarks. Thus the error found can be seen, checked and rectified and a base annexure of the same can be prepared for Reporting the errors or hindrances to management of end client with proper remarks.

2. Is there any option to use it for more than one CA firm?

Answer: Yes, there is facility to create master for more than one CA firm and allocation of work accordingly.

3. For Existing “Genius” users Is there any option to import my entire clients’ master information from Genius to Auditor software?

Answer: Yes, there is a facility to import all clients’ master information from Genius software through ‘Utility’ option.

4. From which types of softwares accounting data can be imported?

Answer: From Tally.ERP 9 and XML file data such as all Lists of accounts, Trial balance, Day Book and stock can be imported.

5. Can I allocate work to my articles and employees in this software?

Answer: Yes, allocation of work is possible among articles, employees and CA partners and through allocation of work the status of work can be checked. (e.g. pending, completed, not started, etc.)

6. Can I give remark to audited entries?

Answer: Yes, it is easy to give remarks to audited entries and the name of the auditor (CA) will be mentioned by whom it is being rectified.

7. Is there any facility to generate documents which are needed during audit?

Answer: Yes, such Audit working papers are there and can be generated as default documents & apart from that you can add format of requisite reports. For example: Appointment Letter, Management Representation Letter, External Confirmation Letter, etc.

8. Is there any facility to know checked and unchecked entries of audit?

Answer: Yes, one can see as how many entries still left to be audited by tick marking the checked ones and remaining by clicking on button of ‘uncheck voucher detail.

9. Is there any facility to add a New or correct voucher entry if required from auditor software?

Answer: Yes, it is possible from the auditor software to check the voucher and do correction voucher entry through ‘ADD VOUCHER’ button.

10. Is there any facility to change ledger group?

Answer: Yes, there is facility to change the group through:

  • 11. If Form 3CA, 3CB, and 3CD can be generated from this software?

    Answer: Yes, they are being generated through this software in prefilled manner by going to:

  • CREATE 3CA, 3CB and 3CD
  • 12. Is there any facility for checking compliance of Income tax provisions?

    Answer: Yes, following compliances of income tax provisions can be checked through this software:

  • Subsidiary Trial-Balance.
  • Maximum Outstanding Amount Report for Loans as Secured & Unsecured.
  • Loan Received [Sec. 269SS]
  • Loan Repaid [Sec.269T]
  • TDS details according to IT sections (192 to 196D).
  • Negative Cash details.
  • Negative Stock Report (G. P. Basis).
  • Summary for Unchecked Vouchers.
  • Disallowed Payment Report.
  • Exceed cash Payment [Sec. 40A(3)]
  • Relatives Report [Sec.40A(2)(b)]
  • Employee Bonus & commission paid [Sec.36(1)(ii)]
  • Employee PF & ESI deducted and deposited within prescribed time limit. [Sec.36(1)(va)]
  • Depreciation Chart [Sec.32].
  • Cash and Bank Comparative Statement.
  • Signatory Detail Report.
  • 13. Is there any option to see old and rectified entries simultaneously?

    Answer: Yes, here we can see old and rectified entries simultaneously by:

  • Reports
  • Rectified entries Details
  • 14. What are the features given in ‘Utilities’ option?

    Answer: Following are the features given in utilities option such as:

    Document manager Calculator
    Clients/Articles Directory Email set-up
    Reminder set-up Dashboard
    Backup Section set-up